Our expertise

Imagine nutraceuticals together

The nutrition sector offers a wide range of products and raw materials designed for the nutraceuticals market. Whether in terms of wellness, joints, fitness and vitality, memory and concentration, sleep difficulties or slimming, we cover all areas of nutrition and dietary complements.

The search for new products

Sourcing is a major part of our teams’ work. It enables us to offer our customers the products they are looking for at the very best prices, and within the shortest lead times, through the development of a huge network of international partners.

Specific regulatory department

Our regulatory affairs managers monitor and track all the products and provide every single document that is required for their use.
They check factory certificates (ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, HACCP, GMP) and ensure that our products, additives or raw materials meet current standards (BP, USP, EP) and respect customer and supplier specifications.

Proximity and Innovation

Our priority: to listen to the constantly shifting markets. As such, we visit our suppliers and customers very regularly, we keep ourselves up date with the specialist press and take an active role in the sector’s trade shows.