Our expertise

We bring nature to you

Essential oils and aromatic products designed for both perfumery and flavouring are the traditional pillars of our company. As leader in the sourcing and distribution of these products, Quimdis is also extremely involved in the professional organisations which promote the sectors (EFEO, SNIAA, SFP).

Comprehensive and qualified service

Our commercial teams are spread between the company headquarters and our Grasse site, which is our stock base for the control and distribution of our products. The teams have provided continual and renowned expertise for 4 generations, to serve our customers by guaranteeing the impeccable quality and safety of their supplies.

Sourcing, prospection and co-development

The production partnerships we have formed with our suppliers in Madagascar, Comoros, Indonesia, and Ukraine allow us to provide local producers with our technical and financial assistance in order to improve quality and develop new products for our customers.

Active and committed member of the F&F industry

Quimdis is a historical member of IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades) for whom we had the opportunity to organise the IFEAT STUDY TOUR in France in 2015.

One of our collaborators, Thierry Duclos, is the founder and first president of EFEO (The European Federation of Essential Oils), created in 2002 with the support of IFEAT. Jean-François Quarré, founder of Quimdis, was the president between 2018 and 2020.

Quimdis is also :

  • Member of the SFP (Société Française de la Parfumerie)
  • Member of Grasse Expertise, following the creation of our production and storage site in the Grasse area in 2017.
  • Associate member of PRODAROM (National Syndicate of Perfumery Industries)